Chris Sharp

ElectionsVoteI have to say that our science departments have been doing a better job than our history teachers in our schools today.   That’s why I think we need to make a call back into the 19th Century to ask a certain Thomas Carlyle to help us learn(more..)

ElectionsVote“A palm-sized robot that can hold conversations will go on sale in Japan (sometime in 2017), developer Toyota has announced. “Kirobo Mini, who was 10cm (4in) high, had been designed to provide companionship, the company said.”--BBC(more..)

ElectionsVoteWhen I was growing up (so many centuries ago), I didn’t really realize I was living in a musical world.  Of course, I sometimes heard music.  Sometimes I even heard it being played in a store, but not most stores. The retailer usually(more..)

ElectionsVoteFirst of all, does everyone know what I mean when I say “Helping LA get into the WS?”  Do you know that when I say “LA” I do not mean, “LA LA LA LA,” but I mean “Los Angeles” and thus “Angeli(more..)

ElectionsVoteOn the SCV Beacon’s first interview with Bill Miranda as a Santa Clarita City Council member – appointed to fill the vacancy left by Dante Acosta when Acosta was elected to the California Assembly – Miranda answered my final questio(more..)

ElectionsVoteAs you probably already know, my mission is to write columns that other columnists are not writing.  It is in that spirit that I have written for example a Beacon column demonstrating the contribution to America by everyone ranging from the Jeho(more..)

ElectionsVoteTonight, after dinner the people of the Santa Clarita will once again gather around the long parking spaces on Valencia Avenue around the Barnes and Noble Book Store and the Valencia Library –  the two most bookish enclaves in Santa Clarit(more..)

ElectionsVoteI arrived in the city of Santa Clarita in the year 1988, only a year after the city was incorporated in 1987, and believe me, it was a different place. At that time, it seemed that the city was created to evoke an idyllic bedroom community, where eve(more..)

ElectionsVoteI am sure if you for example were to offer me “extra credit” as a reward for doing some work for you, my response would be, “no thank you.  But I will take some ordinary credit.” Maybe the reason why so many more people (more..)

ElectionsVoteMy recent lunch with a partially disabled Riverside County sheriff’s deputy prompted me to wish that I had more information about the many police officers who remain disabled because of the hazards they run into while protecting us.  I get(more..)

ElectionsVoteA very well established axiom of managing a classroom is that education does not work until behavior succeeds.   That is true – you can’t learn anything when you just let yourself go crazy. The public school system today has fi(more..)

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