Chris Sharp

ElectionsVoteOf course, as soon as I write the words “Giving Tree,” I feel duty-bound to give credit to Shel Silverstein, the author whose children’s book by that title in 1964 became a permanent part of our national culture, almost immediately.(more..)

ElectionsVoteIf you haven’t seen it already, you will surely soon see a lot of officer-involved arrest stories in the news about police arresting celebrities – probably largely sports celebrities and performing arts celebrities -- in the state of Cali(more..)

ElectionsVoteAre you a person who likes to VOLUNTEER?   Unfortunately, you are among a small minority of people if you actually are a volunteer of anything.   But I don’t think that anyone would like to volunteer to give up a home if you(more..)

ElectionsVoteMy wife has been noticing I am leaving the house practically every time she turns on a football game.  Understand my wife is a real football fan and I used to be a real football fan as well. The big difference now is that I have played football (more..)

ElectionsVoteAs we may be very busy today observing Valentine’s Day and often trying to decide who our Valentine is, we may be overlooking that the first Valentine was dedicated to humanity in general.  This was about 2,000 years ago, when a Roman patr(more..)

ElectionsVoteI admit that I sometimes say stupid things.  In fact, I may even be saying some stupid things right here in this space.  But most people don’t realize they are being stupid because their stupidity shields them from seeing what they ar(more..)

ElectionsVoteYes, those words “global warming” have come back to haunt us.  This after we have done everything we can think of to simply replace “global warming” with any kind of more palatable words, including “climate changes,(more..)

ElectionsVoteThe date is June 28, 2017, and Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smyth is launching a public local war against the local misuse of opioids in the city of Santa Clarita.  He includes in his public presentation a number of local “stakeholders&rdqu(more..)

ElectionsVoteI have some Facebook posts from friends who know that I was full-time journalist for some 20 years and a freelance writer for more years than that.  So, they have been expecting me to relate what I think of the new talk about “fake news.&r(more..)

ElectionsVoteTo simplify the problems of California learning, all you need do is look at the Californian students who cannot – and will not -- read. My own experience tells me that a major reason for all the malfunctioning in all of our schools is that so (more..)

ElectionsVoteMaybe because it’s the job of police to deal with stories that so many police officers are drawn to the stories of Country-Western music today. But the stories of Country-Western music had the allure to draw hundreds of police officers from Ca(more..)

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